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Holy Angel Marine was established to provide professional shipping services to the ship owners worldwide. The principle activities of Holy Angel Marine are connected to shipping which includes crew manning, ship brokering, ship agents handling various types of cargo and vessels of all nationalities. The company management and staff are fully qualified, very well experienced and having strong background and knowledge in shipping.Holy Angel Marine is engaged in wide range activities within shipping and in particulars:

  • Ship Agency services in Tuticorin and other Indian ports.
  • Crew Manning
  • Professionalized Deep Sea Under water Service.
  • Clearing & Forwarding services
  • Ship demolition

  • Operation and Logistics
  • Arrange berthing of the vessel.
  • Signing on/signing off Officers and crew.
  • Arranging to provide sailing squads such as qualified Welders / Fitters / Gas cutters / Fabricators / Motorman / Electricians / Cargo Superintendent / Master Mariners etc.
  • Arranging to provide Hotel Management/Maintenance staff of different categories for Cruise Vessel.
  • Arranging all necessary repatriation, accommodation and transportation for the Officers and crew of the Vessel.